Illinois District 17 House Race 2002

Extra! Extra! Donald Manzullo will retain his seat in the House in Illinois' 16th District
In the 2002 election for the United States House seat in the 16th district of Illinois Donald Manzullo will be re-elected on Nov. 5th.Manzullo has held the seat since 1992 and is being challenged by a relatively unknown democratic candidate named John Kutsch.Not only does Manzullo have the bigger name, but also the district's demographics mark it as mainly republican.Kutsch also had very little money to run with and little or no endorsements.
I believe that Manzullo will win re-election for many reasons, one being the fact that he has the bigger name against a relatively unknown candidate.On Kutsch's website he includes many factoids that suggest that he has little money, he says that he drives a car from 1985 and also notes that there have been times in his life when he could not provide his family with insurance.He intends to use them to show that he is a hardworking man that will not be and hasn't been influenced by those with money.While it may support his argument it also proves that he has very little money, which could be used to launch mail and TV campaign ads.This lack of money will result in his inability to get his name out to constituents who have re-elected Manzullo since 1992.This inability to get his name out will also result in his losing of the election.
The demographics of the 16th district also heavily favor Manzullo and the republicans.First off, the district is 93% white, that is usually and indicator that they will vote republican.The district also ranks in the upper third of the nation with a $34,668 median household income, another indicator that it will vote republican.The state is also largely farmers and only has a population consisting of 5% blacks.All of the facts are reinforcing-cleavages that prove that the district is more inclined to vote republican in the upco…

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