Illegal immigration

Illegal Immigration
The Death or Luck Journey
Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial political issues of today. The origin of the migratory problem that Mexico has with the most powerful country of the world is very old; nevertheless, if some date could be marked like the beginning of the conflicts derived from the illegal immigrations of Mexicans to the United States, it is the famous Treaty of Friendship and Limits on February of 1848, with which Mexico lost more than half of its territorial extension. (Martinez, par.1).
Illegal immigration into the United States is a problem that should be stopped, as it is unfair to both Americans and to the people of the country from which they illegally immigrated, but should the border patrol use violence to stop the illegal immigration? The United States immigration service has tried without success to control the illegal immigration, in some cases torturing the immigrants, killing them or letting them die. Mexico should demand from the US authorities a better treatment for immigrants, but also, they must be certain that the powerful neighbor of the north each day needs less and less of the immigrants to contribute to the economy (Martinez, par.15).

Within the last years the number of dead people trying to cross the Mexican-American border illegally has been increasing. In spite of the dangers, illegal immigrants cross the Mexican-American border because of the extreme temperatures of the desert, the deceptive currents of the Rio Bravo, and the insensible practices of “coyotes”. Nevertheless, the immigrants seem to follow firmly in their determination to leave the poverty they suffer in their country. Last year the border patrol registered 154 deaths on the border.
Throughout several years, the deaths of people who tried to cross the border, normally take place at night and in highways, near urban areas, and by car accidents. Nowadays, because urban access points in place…

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