Iliad and Achilles Dearest Friend

Achilles’ prize possession was taken from Agamemnon. For much time, he was being childish, lamenting over his stolen lovely haired women. When the Greeks were in a battle with the Trojan, he was still too upset to come and fight with the Greeks. Agamemnon really wanted him to come, so he bribed him with towns, rivers, and more respect, but he still refused. Later on in the story, Achilles’ friend died, Patrols, so he came back to battle mainly to kill Hector, a Trojan. Though, Achilles was a tragic hero, he still was a great character who will always be remembered.

Swift footed Achilles murdered several Trojan, scared off enemies, and killed Hector, an enemy tooth Greeks. Achilles still remained a tragic hero because his flaw was to act selfish, mainly come to war to seek revenge, and didn’t return back to battle for the right, heroic reasons. Achilles was called a tragic hero because his flaw was to be selfish. A selfish person lacked consideration for others and was concerned with their own pleasure. In the Iliad, Achilles mostly cared about himself. For example, Agamemnon stole Achilles’ prize possession. For this reason, Achilles refused to ion the war because he was angry with Agamemnon.

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Achilles stated, “But listen while I tell you exactly how want things to be: ‘I want you to win me great honor and glory in the eyes of all Greeks, so that they give my lovely women back to me and provide splendid gifts as well (18:115). ‘” When Achilles’ dearest friend, Patrols, went to war With his army, Achilles wanted Patrols to wear his armor because he would win him honor, glory, and some splendid gifts as well. Achilles flaw was to be selfish because he didn’t care about Patrols as much as he should of; he mainly focused on winning himself glory and honor.

Achilles was suffering from his stolen woman because he didn’t come back to battle to help Patrols in war. Knowing Achilles, he would’ve been the first one to Patrols’ aid, but instead he chose to weep and sit at home. Achilles’ flaw interrupted him from doing what he should have been doing. He cared too much about a tragic loss that it got in his way of being a “true hero. ” Before Patrols had left for battle, Achilles mentioned to him that he would be in good hands with his army and they should be ready to battle.

Achilles was in a state of downfall because he as suffering from loss or defeat, and let his selfish flaw get in his way from being heroic. Achilles was a still a hero, though a tragic hero, who was respected by the Greeks, yet repeatedly made mistakes. His pride, arrogance, and selfish flaw got in his way of his ability to resolve conflicts peacefully. For example, if Achilles tried to settle a fair agreement with Agamemnon that included Achilles fighting in the war in return for his prized possession, it would have been more “hero like. Achilles’ stubborn personality, risked lives of other Greeks because Achilles was the “hero” and was not doing I-list job” correctly. Achilles was a tragic hero because he was selfish, and mainly came back to war to get revenge. A Trojan, whose name was Hector, killed Achilles’ friend, Patrols, in battle. Achilles was devastated and wanted to revenge on Hector by coming into the battle. Achilles strong- minded said, “Hector, no doubt you imagined, as you stripped Patrols, that you would be safe. It was I, and I have brought you down (22:332). Achilles was trying to say, Hector will not get away from what had done, and would do whatever it took to hunt down Hector until he was dead. If Achilles was not a tragic hero, he wouldn’t have let tragedy get in is way, by not joining the battle from the start because he was whimpering over a loss. Also, he would have showed the Greeks what a great hero he was; in defeat, rise to the occasion to help people in need of support. Although he killed many Trojan, and helped out his peers, his main purpose was to murder Hector.

This quote goes relates to Achilles being a tragic hero because he was in a time to downfall and needed a reason to get back up. Achilles was a tragic hero because he was selfish, mainly came back to battle for revenge, and didn’t come back to war for the right, heroic reasons, If Patrols ad never died, Achilles would have still been weeping over his prize possession and be watching many officers die. Bending over Patrols’ dead body, Achilles said “So then, Patrols, since too am going below, but after you, shall not hold your funeral till have brought back here the armor and the head of Hector, who slaughtered you in your greatness. Achilles wouldn’t give up until he brought back Hector and his armor. He Would have him killed no matter What circumstances and would even risk his own life to kill Hector. Achilles was a tragic hero because he was in a time Of defeat, and suffered from losses that he wanted o end, but he returned for the wrong reasons; mainly to kill Hector because he murdered Patrols and to let the Trojan get a taste Of their own medicine. Also, he was not standing up for his people when he knew they needed help.

If Achilles wanted to kill Hector because he had been killing so many of the Greeks and got in the way of winning the battle, it would make him more of a hero, instead a tragic hero. Swift footed Achilles was considered a tragic hero. He was selfish, came back to battle for revenge, and didn’t come back to war for the right, heroic reasons. If Achilles was a real hero, he would’ve tried to save lives and protect “his country. ” The Iliad shows that there doesn’t always have to be great, heroic heroes, there also are tragic ones too.

For example, spider ? man is a true hero because he helps save lives to people who are in danger and protects “his town” trot monsters, Even though he had a very hard life, he still helped people and wanted to make “his town” proud. This was an example of real hero, and the opposite of Achilles in the Iliad, If you compare spider – man to Achilles, they have a lot of similarities, but different approaches to what a real hero was.

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