How would you characterize the contemporary international political system?
Today no matter where you live, you are threatened by global environmental changes, spread of infectious disease, opportunities and dislocations associated with the globalization of the economy and human security.We are affected by global events no matter were we live. Ex: September 11, was a threat to our safety as humans and we are still feeling the repercussions now everywhere in the world.This has developed into a complex situation. As time passes, topics in politics that are coming more into the light are those of environment, human rights, and poverty.The current course of politics has been toward expansion and financial crisis like the Asian stock market and the recent American stock market crisis.It seem that the stability of the world economy is in shambles.People are still freaked out over September 11 attacks.I think that event will hinder our productivity and security issues for many more years to come.The line between rich and poor is ever increasing and will continue because of the extremities of power in both classes.I think that as the gap widens between both rich and poor, the middle class will cease to exist as we know it.I think that population control is another topic that needs to be seriously addressed.There are too many peoplein the world and not enough food to feed them all.
I think that the political system is following a both convergent and divergent path right now.There are both present in our system and evident in certain aspects in our society.Both are happening simultaneously and both factors are felt differently for different societies across the world.
There is a convergence of economic, technological and communication aspects.As well as there is an increasing independence between states, growth of IGO and NGO and awareness and action of environmental issues.Also there is a convergence o

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