I Say a Little Prayer

Chauncey Greer is the successful owner of Cute Boy Card Company in Atlanta. He was a member of a popular teen boy band Reunion but was kicked out after the manager found out the real reason for he and his bandmate D’s late night hotel room visits… It is now twenty years later and Chauncey has put the past behind him and is still searching for true love. He turns his focus to his church where through his minister’s message he finds a renewed interest in a musical career. After a soul stirring solo at church, Chauncey is invited to be the guest soloist at the church revival. He hits a sour note when he finds out anti-gay fundamentalist preacher Bishop Upchurch is planning to use the church revival as his conservative platform. The gay members of Chauncey’s church are planning to boycott the revival and now he is at a crossroads. He has to decide weather to sing at the revival or stand up for what he thinks is right. To make matters worse, D shows up causing Chauncey to face his very painful past. I Say A Little Prayer is an ambitious novel by E.Lynn Harris. Harris focused on a very explosive topic that no one in the black church wants to talk about: gays and lesbians in the church. I thought this topic was presented delicately and honestly in this story. I felt the emotion and conviction of Chauncey as he was trying to live his life and trying to do what God wants him to do. Readers will be moved by this story. Fans of this author’s previous novels will be pleasantly surprised when two other characters Basil and Yancey make a brief appearance in this novel. But make no mistake, this is not another chapter into the lives of Basil and Raymond. This story is about Chauncey Greer. After reading this novel, I felt like E. Lynn Harris may be taking his writing into a delightful new direction. I Say A Little Prayer is a satisfying, heart wrenching story that doesn’t disappoint.

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