I peeping experience (2)

Once the summer home sleeping, that young women came again. She asked the mother to buy some vegetables to recover. She was wearing a fiery red of skirts, long skirts knee. I secretly think : “probably nothing spectacle”, I feel different from sleep. ‘s exercises, to the refrigerator to find water to drink kitchen and found his mother had left. That young women were squatting up her vegetables. I muddy, she traveled to squat found convenient to catch up skirts. To some evil attempt, I approached her and told her no one who better to the one who, it is hoped that the corner of the eye scanning a thigh she actually opened on the occasion of the show the dress of spring. . . . Saw no good, she probably focus on the work caused by the quiet and elegant Cunzi, in a burst of up to three minutes free, I look at her carefully triangular pants colour, form and material. . . . Today she is wearing a pink border and the near absence of Diyao 1.30 trousers is moderation type is not taught. Material like cotton, and I saw her underwear in front of the structure, I imagine, is a concrete jungle with deep valley Federated she worked! ! Unfortunately did not see the briefs at the Yinmao underscored the culture. . . . In my heartbeat accelerated, bub action, she suddenly rise, I probably see the vision? Unclean, she went to draw upon, li li no. The skirt has, I told her slightly with a laugh, watch leave the toilet to myself. . . . Of course, this special toilets, long. . . . : p Time may Arrow, I have a somewhat evil is not very evil States period, a study into the rate is not high, but their recent high school. I still live at home, occasionally peep yellow novels, steal pumping small cigarettes a day it is so monotonous too. I am a bit short and sour adult, when students busy Eventually, after skipping the commode, no woman I can only fate of the school on time job Chang, occasionally hiding in a blanket Dashouqiang, I removed the illusion that the end of that small, women dress cloth, a mine that Unfortunately secret. . . . . It was so monotonous days duplicate. . . . . Sister university next door had more attention to their appearance, so they rarely see her Chunguangwaixie. Upstairs to the young women are also less, but occasionally I was able to set some traps, peep in her dress of scenery. In his diary, recorded and time, location, and color, style. Others only once went to a park to others, to see a painting on the girls, because sitting on the ground, his careless dress of spring. I approached one concept. . . . Girls underwear is white, but there are some patterns in the above, attention to one view, it is very lovely cartoon character, Kazakhstan Oh, that little girl wear small triangular pants! ! I wish I were the elf helping underwear, which she Nashaonu: lick the delicate fragrance. . . . . There are a buy shoes, wrapped a pair of shoes, bought a pair of shoes sitting opposite me in a woman’s triangular pants. She is about Ershiwuliu around wearing a light green piece dress, I saw her legs together for a pair of shoes and a bed of a green color (I think probably because of light through Lu:qun, in white briefs as a result!), thin triangle trousers; That thin, because I can listen to her black Yinmao can see through underwear. . . . . In this short five seconds, I saw her I agree easily see the privacy! ! After shoes to go out and see a girl wearing grey stations sit a pair of shoes are my eyes with her shirt exactly the openings jointed, have a unique, small triangular red pants! ! . But because she was wearing tight, and skirts, insufficient lighting, only a single glance. I found shoe store is a good peeping host, the University of things in the future, on the shoe store when younger Well, hee hee. . . . : p In addition to these amazing things, life is monotonous and boring. . . . . As Barbuse said : Un jour, tout ce qui est triste finira (one day, the matter was tabled, will eventually come to the end) that ts situation continued until I became Peugeot Biaozi the University into my house and then graduate work. . . . . For the time period of six years, I have a life flowers shine; During this moral and intellectual passion struggling staggered days, and I meet in my peeping in the early, came to the bedroom, physical Biaozi youth also the first woman of learning the inner attitudes of passion with the world, and to appreciate the taste of the sea conditions hill. . . . . But that is something. . . . .

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