I peeping experience (1)

I personally next Federated Department of peeping girls, imagine the problems and enjoy the fun that can eat less than Qingyouduzhong. On the following list of some “deeds” for some period of youth and repent! Review ! First peeping at the neighbor’s sister. She then attended high school, I like nothing better to her old home run. In the summer, she takes one home a dropped watch television independently influence metres, the underwear often comes from the snowy white of his students to dress so that I often coincides with the adolescent to dress in the 1940s to see blood spray ejaculation Zhang. (I am a pullout, and nothing much a book peeping girls underwear has become my sexual fantasies with the pipeline). But she always seems to read always a white girl students of underwear. . . I went home with a young married woman loves to cook. She was about 30% of those who hide the delicate and pretty long, and good build, is thin and Gugan. One grade in elementary school children. She came again I have a home, sitting in the living room and mothers chatting, I enjoyed in the living room. Accidentally lets attached onto the ground, a few rounds of great sofa to the ground. I disclose to find, found that young women in jeans skirts openings facing me, I carefully avoided the mother and her eyes, the movement perspective, offering to find things, and finally caught her dress end. . . Were thigh white triangular pants seem to find it difficult to grasp the fullness of the top cover. . . . That the spread of passion! ! . . Unfortunately, her feet once again linked the opening panties. I can not always stay under tables, but none recorded in room got a mirror sitting on the sofa looking at artificial teeth, adjust capture from the perspective of good comes from the dress of the young women reveal spring. . . . 11:00 pm I seem to see her get her first notable part of the triangular pants. . . . Nien States always fun loving and crack. Read private schools because, at the beginning of a high school. North Korea will be the end of old love hiding at the foot of the stairs to peep at the big sister was waiting, no. The skirt has underscored the culture of some spring. . . . Most high school students – girls and white girls like to wear underwear, I think it is a pure expression of the beauty we’re seeing is two, the fear of wearing too sexy it will make us started bleeding heavily. . . . : p. . . . In uppers Tibet has played a mirror that, the impression one art teacher just graduated from the Arts to teach us that people are pretty long, old sneakers dress. . . . But she believes that the most dignified dress is our favorite war objectives. Can be glimpsed from a mirror reflection of the meaning of her buttocks was pink color of the triangle pants packet. Unfortunately, we can only from the back of the “feet”, can not see her very colorful triangular pants first half. Another female teacher to teach history, just returned from Taiwan Normal University graduate, long good. No teaching experience is just that the students asked her questions always meant to show the red bra Louhua not realize it. . . . We ask special to the history lesson, audio and color. Summer when she liked to wear the dress sleeves, his beautiful arms, her hair was pitch-black ones, the old school, following her fantasy hair is like a pitch-black hair beautifully, really evil juvenile Ah, but she was writing on the blackboard their hands, the hair is exposed to the juvenile I have great sensory stimulation. English teachers is a beautiful women, fast married, and we love her in the corridor, through, and then the reflection in a mirror of having stolen her secret, and then in her school class to write on the blackboard white,pink,or convinced. . . .

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