Hydrogen economy

Hydrogen Economy

This article talks about how the hydrogen economy will be coming. There are a lot of obstacles that they must surpass in order to form a hydrogen economy.In the year 2003, President George W. Bush announced a 1.7 billion research program to develop a vehicle that would make the air cleaner and use less oil.Toyota came to the U.S with two of them. Thefirst one was a sedan called the hybrid.The hybrid is a gasoline-fueled internal-combustion engine supplemented by a battery-powered electric motor.The hybrid got approximately fifty miles to the gallon.The other vehicle was an SUV, which drove its electric motor with hydrogen fuel cells.
Now the next question would be which vehicle out of these two would be the better one.This question is a very important question because it can have a big impact on the amount of money being spent for the research.Robert Wimmer, a research manager, says that both vehicles are about the same.The hybrid can be responsible for more carbon dioxide emission, and also a variety of other pollutants according to the Department of Energy.In another aspect, the hybrid is excellent because it already exists as a commercial product and can already cut pollution presently.
Hydrogen fuel cells have two main attractions.First they do not make any pollution during usage.Secondly, hydrogen can come from countless sources.Pure hydrogen does not exist on earth.The good thing about hydrogen is that it can be used for other things like powering homes.Researchers are trying to find ways to turn things into hydrogen, but the processes they come up with are either unaffordable or unavailable on a commercial scale.They can make hydrogen from natural gas, but that would be a waste of natural gas because they can use natural gas itself to make electricity.
One thing that they should be working on is hydrocracking and hydrotreating.The U.S could save 3 million barr…

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