Human Cloning

Human cloning in its simplest form is the artificial process of making a genetic copy of a human being. It is the extraction of one organisms DNA being replicated and grown to be an exact copy of the original. This could mean that at some point in the future, any person could have an identical twin of himself or herself. Scientists are becoming very close to being able to clone human beings, but its suspected that its already been done. Human cloning has recently become illegal and/or restricted in a variety of many countries. However, it is only because of the possible medical and health advances and the advantages to the human race that cloning should be explored. This study of genetic biology has opened the door for an intense, heated and the most controversial debate on the ethical and moral grounds behind the subject at hand. Aside from the harmful disadvantages cloning a human can have, here are also many benefits and research that shows that cloning alone could save many lives and be incredibly beneficial to the human race in so many more ways than we know.

What exactly is cloning? The process of duplicating biological material is known as cloning, whether it is a generation of new tissues or a whole new life altogether. It is the process of making of duplicates or replica by a DNA sample, and there is actually 3 types of it; Reproductive Cloning, Recombinant DNA Technology, and Therapeutic Cloning. Reproductive cloning is an asexual reproductive type of cloning. Dolly the sheep was also formed in this way and it is the most common known type of cloning. Also, there is recombinant DNA technology, which is a process of cloning in which identical biological material is formed with the help of sample DNA to facilitate scientists in their research. It is the oldest form of cloning recorded. Lastly, there is therapeutic cloning and is also more commonly known as Stem cell research. It is the most recent type of cloning. With this me…

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