How to fix your average United

How to fix your average United Nations.
The United Nations doesn’t work.As a whole it was a good idea after World War II, but it has failed as a whole.While it is still a good idea, it needs to go under huge reform in order to get changed.In order to get any power in the world, the United Nations needs to be granted real power over the people of the world, from dismantling the governments of the world.One world government under the United Nations or some form of universally combined government is what is needed to combine the people of Earth to peace.
The United Nations Security Council has major flaws.One is the veto; one nation can veto any militaristic movement by the United Nations.Another is the fact that other than the five permanent nations, no other nation has a permanent seat.And another is the fact that the United Nations cannot rapidly deploy troops, cannot train troops, and does not have the equipment for the troops to use.
The veto is the major flaw, in order to fix this, there needs to be a change in the way the process is handled.Vetoing in the Security Council needs to be spread out power wise, resting the power in one countries hand leads to the problems the Security Council now has.If say 2/3 veto could happen it would probably lead to a much stronger Security Council.By doing this, the stabilization of the United Nations will begin.The permanent seats in the United Nations Security Council are held by five nations.The other ten are not permanent making for an imbalance, this imbalance causes a rift that makes the superpowers-the five permanent nations-stronger than the ten others.The Security Council needs to be organized in the same way as the General Assembly.Then all nations would get a say in what happens in the Security Council.Or you could keep the Security Council, but the General Assembly gets to have the final veto.
The failure of the United Nations to rapidly deploy…

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