How to Fix California: Pertaining to Immigrants

1. Immigration to California
Ever since it was discovered, the American land has not yet ceased to attract populations from all corners of the globe, coming here in search for a better life. From 2000 up to 2007, a total of 7.9 million foreign individuals became immigrants to the U.S. Out of these people, next to two million (an estimate of 1.81) established their homes in California. "Few issues are hotter right now in California […] than the huge inflow of immigrants, especially illegals."2 And the reason why this is such a major problem is given by the negative effects it has upon the region's population, their incomes and jobs, the natural resources of California, the businesses it operates, its education and crime rates, as well as the housing opportunities or the public transportation. All these features, alongside with others that influence the life of the Californian community are organized into the modern term of urban economics.
Here is a list of the major problems that have been facing the Californian towns and cities during the past recent years and due to the continuing increase in immigration:
California pays an extra $10.5 billion per year to provide basic care (education, healthcare and incarceration of illegal immigrants) for the illegal immigrants – $7.7 billion are spent only to educate the children of the illegal immigrants, children who account for 15 percent of the total students in the state; $1.4 billion goes to the healthcare of illegal immigrants and $1.4 to the incarceration of illegal immigrants. As a result, the taxes paid by US natives have increased significantly3
Immigration does indeed create new jobs and opportunities (during the 1980s, California had 16% more new jobs than other states due to massive immigrations), but only for the immigrants; in other words, "immigration reduces job opportunities for natives"4
Due to the fact that most immigrants coming to Calif…

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