How the media influences political elections

How the Media Influences Political Elections
It is sadly no mystery that most American's learn their information concerning upcoming political elections from the media. Most of these people have never talked with a politician, done independent research on one, or even taken a class about politics to further their understanding of the issues at hand. The media hand feeds the people what they want them to know, thus leading to a biased election. It was hugely prevalent when looking at thefirst televised debate in 1960 that the media had stumbled on a great injustice to the American people, and to the candidates themselves. American politics are now viewed by foreign countries as "made for television" with campaigns that slide neatly into 3-second television advertisements. The people are taking politics much less seriously due to the fact that their informant, the American media, is more interested in making a spectacle and electing their particular candidate than in the issues or what really matters, who is most capable for the job.
September 26, 1960 was the day that changed American politics forever. On this day 70 million people watched then Senator John F. Kennedy and then Vice President Richard Nixon debate live on television. For thefirst time the candidates were brought into the American household, for everyone to see and watch. This was thefirst time that the average American could see the demeanor and actions of a candidate. Nixon had been hospitalized for two weeks prior to the debates and was seriously underweight, and ill-appearing, whereas Kennedy had spent much time campaigning in California and was tan and in impeccable shape.This was thefirst time that the American people could really make a political decision based solely on television and appearance.Had this been a pervious option other great leaders wouldn't have been elected based on appearance. Arguably Franklin D. Roosevelt w…

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