How lizards evolved into snakes

Many millions of years the planet was dominated by lizards
great and small.It was a place ruled by the laws of natural
selection where the only way to survive was to be able to defend
yourself with what you had.It was a constant struggle for food,
shelter, and supremacy.It was about survival of the fittest,
because only if you were best suited to your environment would you
have a chance at living to reproduce. Sometimes adapting to one’s
environment could create a whole new species altogether.
During the time when dinosaurs walked the earth smaller
lizards had to be creative to insure their survival.The dinosaurs,
because of their size where the bullies of the earth.If lizards
wanted food they had to some how sneak around the big dinosaurs in
order to avoid becoming food themselves.A species of lizard known
as the Ear-less Monitor seemed very well adapted to counteract this
problem.Their eyes had a clear protective lens which allowed them
to go into the water in search of food and bypass the land roaming
One major problem soon faced the Ear-less Monitors in their
quest for nourishment.It seemed that the sea dwelling creatures had
begun to catch on to the fact that these lizards were invading their
territory for food.The sea dwellers reacted by praying on the
lizards who came into the water to eat.After many deaths at sea one
smart little Ear-less Monitor decided to try another approach at
obtaining food.This particular Monitor was picked on by all of the
other Monitors because he and his family had arms and legs that were
shorter and smaller than everyone else’s.The would tease him and
his family saying that their gene pool had little genetic variation.
But he did not let that get him down.
He figured that with his stubby arms and legs that he could
burrow under ground to find food.He used his clea

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