how have Homo Sapiens evolved

Since thefirst Homo Sapiens evolved from Homo Erectus around 800,000 years ago humans have relied on their tool building abilities to spread throughout a world they would soon come to dominate. The unique ability Homo Sapiens posesed allowed brawn to be replaced by tools and weapons which gave humans an advantage over any other animal from small fast rodents, to gigantic mammoths. This eventually lead to the world we have today where all other animals live in mans' domain, and are mere footnotes in cities crowded by developments and cars, and covered by asphalt.
The driving force behind the evolution of animals has been natural selection. As the environment changed it was necessary for animals to either adapt or die, and the animals that exist today are different from their predesceors because of this. Humans however changed this fundamental factor with the creation of tools. The cold could be combated with fire and clothes, water could be crossed with boats, and almost anything in nature is provided a counterpart in the imagination. Because the race hinged on the ability to mold the environment the fitness indicators of the past that consisted of bulk and sure mass switched to intellect. As mans tools went through their own evolution humans were able to form civilizations where animals were herded not tracked, and plants were grown, not found. This eliminated the nomadic trait of before and even further eliminated the previous rule of natural selection. The most attractive mate might be someone who was skillful at his or her trade, a small man who was a good farmer would be more attractive than a large man who was not. These traits were passed down and intelct was further and further developed. As the human race moves down the time line there are more than physiological developments, there was the dawn of civilization. This caused in complex languages, and that allowed for people like philosophers to

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