How Does Your Child Act

First of all I think that in the back of every parents mind are questions concerning
their child's future.Like will it be a doctor, a lawyer, or the next president of the United
States.But with these questions there are also more questions that are not discussed
freely like what if it is a bad child or it is uncontrollable?And will it do drugs or try
alcohol and smoke cigarettes?Another question that might be in the back of a parents
mind is about its child's sexual orientation.I know this may seem far fetched to some
people but if I had a child right now in todays world, that question would not be in the
back of my mind but in the front.I know that any parent and including me will love their
child no matter what it's sexual orientation, but I know that most if not all parents would
prefer that their kids be straight.This is not so they won't be embarrass or ashamed by
their child, but only for the protection of their child.As we all know this world is not a
safe place for people that are different.I think that parents are concerned when their girl
acts like a tomboy, but they get really scared when their son starts doing what we
traditionally consider girl stuff.A child should be raised to be whomever he or she
chooses and the child shouldn't have to accept society, but society should accept the child
A parents reaction to their daughter acting like a tomboy is very passive and they
play it off humorously and sometimes they even encourage it.This doesn't apply to some
parents but most parents react this way when their daughter acts like a boy and does boy
stuff.I used to know a girl that was a tomboy.She always hung around with boys even
in middle school.She had al guy friends and would play boys games.Not once did I ever
hear her parents say anything to make her stop acting like a tomboy, instead they
encouraged.For instance they…

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