How did immigration contribute to economic growth

Population changes continuously over the past in the Canada. There is two type of changing in population. One of them is the natural increase since the New France is become the colony in 1665. The other type is immigration from or emigration to other countries. People immigrate to Canada because there is an advantaged condition than their own country to induce them. Canada has fertility natural resources that are fur, fishery and timber. In the earliest of Canada prior to 1850, agriculture is the main sector that is about 60% in the Canada. However, in the late nineteenth century, the natural resource of the timber is declined. Besides, the growing up of the industrial development such as irons and steel. Many immigrants move to Canada lead the real wages to fell, then many Canadian move to United States. After the First World War, there is a wheat boom on that period, which attract more people to come to Canada. The demand for the manufacturing goods that relates to the wheat is increase after the war; therefore, it also contributes to the development of the industrial. In this period, the development is not stimulate by the natural resources, but the political revolution, new technical, and the open of the new market. The immigration is relevant to the economic and political problems in Canada. Therefore, the changes of the population can be contributed to the economic activity. The different patterns of living styles and behavior from the immigrants also influenced the economic development. Therefore, it is important of population changes.
There was a brain drain to the United States between 1881- 1901. The net immigration between this period is negative that means the emigration from Canada is so high although the immigration is high. Although, there are some skilled labors immigrate to United States, the high immigration also increased the labors supply with lower wages than domestic labors. The im

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