How democratic is the constitution

How democratic is the constitution? Well to get that retort you mustfirst look at what democracy means. It is a word whose meaning has altered over the years. Then you must remember that the constitution itself has been changed since it was written. You should also take a look at the possible motives our founding fathers had when writing it. What were they looking to gain? What did they want to be in command of in the new government? If you put all of that together you should have a pretty good idea how democratic the constitution really is. Or you can just read listen to me right now.
In the days of the great Roman Empire everyone was involved in the government. They would all gather and discuss what is going on in the town and what needs to change and how it could be changed. Their classification of democracy was about everyone getting their hands on the process. Gordon Woods' essay "Democracy and Constitution" he writes "It meant literally government by the people, referring in the strictest sense to political gatherings of the people in person in town meetings and the like." (7-8). Now with our new America this democracy wouldn't work that well. We as a nation had too many people spread over too much land. There was no place to hold that many people back then let alone now plus it would take months for one and all to get there. It would just not be feasible. Wood goes on to say what was needed to be done by the Founding fathers, "… Americans recognized as democratic the modern refinement of representation, which allowed elected agents to participate in government in place of the people." (8). He goes on to say that what we installed was a mixed republic with democratic elements (8). A representative democracy is what we like to call it. This new way of democracy was what our constitution would have to be of.
When it comes to motivation for the founding fathers you can break it into tw…

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