How can we understand ourselve

Often in life, man comes to an understanding of himself with time. He may not be very certain of how to achieve this understanding. In many cases they what to achieve this understanding of himself is through seeing life from another person point of view.
When I was in elementary school, I was not a model student. I was constantly in trouble, and the way I came to learn this is that my friends and family would scold me for all the terrible things I did. I was an embarrassment. In 5th grade, as a prank, I stole my best friend's pencil box and I teased him for about a week about it when my friend did find out, he was extremely angry. This shows that I was an extremist, and I learned this through my friend's anger towards me. This experience revealed a side of me that I was not familiar with.
In the novel Nectar in a Sieve a character named Rukmani comes to learn and understand herself through her family, friends, and even her enemies. In one part of the novel Nathan, Rukmani's husband, scolds Rukmani of not being able to bend like the grass. Rukmani learns that she has a hard time accepting change. She learns that she could not accept it even if her life may depend on it. Kunthi one of Rukmani's enemies threatens to reveal Rukmani's infidelity with a white doctor. Rukmani learns that by keeping her secrets from her husband she is performing a destructive behavior. She is in turn scared of her husband's denial
Through the reactions of others we realize more about ourselves. Whether it is my friend helping me to realize my mistake, or whether Rukmani is learning her faults through pain and fear; they show that man can learn about themselves only through an eye of another. Other people are what allow us to realize our faults and good points.

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