How Attractive Am I

What is it that makes a person attractive? For men is it having a square jaw with chiseled facial futures, broad shoulders and a washboard stomach?Do women have to have a small nose, big eyes and a body that’s 36″-24″-36″?Everyone in the world has an idea of what they think the perfect body for men and women should look like and what they think attractive is.However not everyone has a “perfect body” and thinks of themselves as attractive.It seems as though no mater how hard people work and how much people try to make themselves attractive they can always find flaws in themselves and are never fully satisfied.I know I feel that way.No matter how good I am feeling about my body and appearance I always think that there are things I should improve on.
I have always been very self-conscious about my appearance.I think to look at what types of negative and positive things have happened in my life as a result of how I felt about my attractiveness will be beneficial for me.
It is hard to say what it is that makes people feel that they are attractive.Self-esteem is a very important factor that plays a roll in how attractive people feel about themselves and how people view their own self worth.Physical attractiveness can boost someone’s self esteem and for most peoples adolecent years it is most likely the major compoenent of their self-esteem.At the same time however, I believe that people who have a high self-esteem are found to be more attractive than those who have a low self-esteem.That is why self-esteem and physical appearance are connected in such a viscious cycle, because they are both dependent variables of each other.
Junior High, in my opinion, seems to be the foundation of a kid’s self esteem.Every day is a brutal assault of jokes that are either aimed at making someone else feel bad or making you feel better about yourself, or in most cases doing both at the same time.When I was young my parents e…

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