How and with what success did the black SA's resist aparthed

How and with what success did the black SA's resist the Gov Policy of Apartheid in the peiriod 1948-76?(Boycotts, alliances among black orgsanisations and groups ,Non violent and violent protests and strikes)
During the peiriod 1948-1976 South African blacks resisted the Apartheid policies of the NP by boycotts
strikes, Violent and non violent protests. These mass movements were highly successfull in many ways. The early non-violent strikes triggered international awareness and brought blacks fromall backgrounds into organised politics. The later part of the struggle culminated in the fall of aparthied in 1990, therefore ressistance during this period has to be seen as highly successful.
The coming to power of Malans apartheid governmentstimulated a shift in the ANC tofirstly more millatant ressastance as well as a united struggle between all races( as shown by the the Doctors pactbetween Naiker , Xumz and Dadoo).In December 1949, with the support of the ANC Youth League, a new leadership came to power in the ANC. Walter Sisulu was elected secretary-general and a number of Youth Leaguers were elected to the national executive. In 1949 the "Programme of Action"(POA) was drafted by the ANC youth league. The programme claimed the right to self-determinattion for all africans as well as rejecting white dominance but most importantly it called for mass boycotts, strikes and civil disobediance and to raise consouness for the struggle via propganda.
Thefirst major mass action of the POA was the May day strike of 1950 which called for a major stayaway, 70% of workers stayed home and this led to a stop in industry, although it was peacefull during the day at night cops killed 13 people in a townships. Thus a National Day Of Protest and Mourningwas called for the 16th june due to these deaths and in protest to the Unlawful Organisations Bill. This daywas a major sucess as it stopped the bill from being pas…

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