How Alcohol Affects People

According to the survey about 70% of college students consume alcohol every month.How often do you drink?I have some opportunities to drink alcohol, and I have noticed that people react differently to alcohol.The reason is that the rate of alcohol metabolism varies among individuals, and it is largely determined by genetic factor and drinking behavior.Today, I would like to explain how alcohol affects people.
First of all, when we take alcohol, about 20% is absorbed from stomach into the bloodstream.About 75% is absorbed through the upper part of intestine.The rate of absorption is affected by various factors.For example, food in the stomach slows the rate of absorption.On the other hand, carbonated beverage like champagne increases the rate of absorption.
Secondly, alcohol is transported through the body by the blood.A large amount of alcohol is metabolized in the liver.The rest is metabolized in the stomach.From 2 to 10 % of ingested alcohol is not metabolized, but is excreted by the lungs, kidneys, and sweat glands.
Next, I would like to talk about the effects of alcohol consumption.At low doses, alcohol makes people relaxed and causes a release of inhibition and alertness.Even people become more sociable.However, at higher doses, alcohol has negative effects.People more tend to get angry or cry easily and become emotionally instable.People become sleepy, and most sensory function is reduced.
Finally, at very high doses, alcohol causes a dangerous circumstance.Most people are completely unable to function physically and psychologically.Usually, coma can happen.Also, alcohol poisoning occurs when people drink a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time.You should avoid rapid and binge drinking and notice how dangerous alcohol poisoning is because it results in not only unconsciousness but also death.
In conclusion, we have the different rate of alcohol metabol

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