Housing Projects Should be Ablolished

Housing projects should be abolished; they lower the value of the communities that they are in, are magnets for crime, are untaken care of and in hazardous conditions, and are costly for the government to build.
Housing projects were developed in the 1930s for housing for the working poor.They were often built in the unfavorable places of towns and they were large towering apartments as you can see in New York and Chicago.This concentrated the poor into an already poor part of town.The lowest unemployment rates and highest crime rates can be found in the projects.The poor were concentratrated into one area because of discrimination, most housing applicants were African- American, many white middle class feared if poor blacks were to move in it reduce the value of their property.Thus the poor were grouped together where no one wanted to live anyway. This gave no hope for the poor of some how making it back into society.Nothing but poverty surrounded these people.This made way for the crime, violence, and easy money that is associated today with American subsidized housing.In Chicago the postal service would not deliver to some housing segments for fear of their lives.In Pittsburgh PAT bus drivers will tell you that there are some stops they will just not stop at and most are found in or around the projects.Projects are notorious for their violence and drug trafficking.This is not a good environment for a child to grow up in.According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children who are witness to violence are more prone to depression, lower grades in school, and to violence themselves.Projects ruin are youth, so we are ruining the future.
We must get rid of these poor concentrations found all over the country.Studies show that dispersing the poor throughout the classes, instead a single poor area of town shows that poor families have a better opportunity to better their lives.Many cities are bulldo…

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