The horse is animal most people have heard of, either through world history, seeing the animal in a movie or book, having a friend with a horse farm whatever the reason most people have seen and been around the common horse. Many people look at them and think "oh there pretty" and maybe take a riding class or get a poster of one for there wall and leave it at that. But horses have much more to them than looks and grace and the ability to be cute. In this paper I will briefly take you through the horses background and brief history and then today's uses and breeding.
The horse was discovered in Central Asia and domesticated in 10000 BC. The animals breeding goes back very far and many people think the Nez Perez Indians had much to do with horses, they did have much to do with horses but with the particular breed Appaloosa, they bred the breed and made certain to only breed the best to the best to produce even better and they managed for many years to create high quality animals with careful breeding. But this is not thefirst horse or horses. In fact the animals were here when dinosaurs were and though they looked nothing like what the modern horse judging by fossils they were approximately 12 inches and had three toes and seemed more a member of the dog family but was thefirst member of the horse family and its name Hyracotherium or more commonly called Eohippus. Which was later used in equine a word used for all horses and evolved into equestrian as well. The scientific name is Equus Caballus or Equus Asinus. The Arabian has been calle!
d the foundation for horses found in deserts and with there ancient bloodlines have and are very popular and the oldest breed.
The horses have many uses and have always had many uses in fact in the mid to late 1800's the horse was people had for transportation draft along with other heavier animals and today though the car and tractors and farm equipment have taken

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