Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (natural and synthetic) restores declining
hormonal levels associated with menopause.This helps alleviate many
discomforts associated with menopause and allows the body to continue to
receive the beneficial effects hormones have against cardiovascular disease, but
do the risks weigh out the benefits.
Before understanding the benefits for hormone replacement, it is needed
tofirst understand the hormonal changes that occur during menopause.
Menopause is a natural stage in life that occurs when a woman stops having
menstrual cycles.However, menopausal symptoms and irregular menstrual
cycles can begin to occur 5-10 years before menopause as the ovaries gradually
stop producing eggs and there is a progressive decline in hormone production.
This time period of change is called pre-menopause.
When entering the early stages of menopause, the question of hormone
replacement therapy arises. The two female hormones, estrogen and
progesterone is certainly the most widely prescribed therapies utilized by
physicians for the relief of menopausal symptoms and the prevention of certain
hormone-related conditions of aging.
Estrogen is not one hormone, but a group of similar hormones of varying
degrees of activities, all produced in the ovaries. Estrogen is secreted by the
ovaries throughout a woman's reproductive years and is the female hormone
responsible for ovulation. Estrogen plays an important role in a woman's life from
the time she enters puberty until the end of her last menstrual period.Not only
does estrogen have beneficial effects on cholesterol and lipid levels but it also
contributes to the strengthening of bones and the mental well-being of women.

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