Honduras is located in Middle America, bordering the Caribbean Sea,
between Guatemala and Nicaragua.It also borders the North Pacific Ocean,
between El Salvador and Nicaragua.It is 112,090 square kilometers; 820 of
which is coastline.It is slightly larger than Tennessee.The capital of
Honduras is Tegucigalpa.The climate is subtropical in the lowlands and
temperate in the mountains.The terrain is mostly mountains in the interior
and narrow coastal plains.The type of government is a democratic
constitutional republic.The three largest cities are Tegucigalpa, San Pedro
Sula, and La Ceiba.The people inhabiting Honduras are called Hondurans.
The Honduran flag has three equal horizontal bands of blue, whit, and
blue with five blue pointed stars in an'X' pattern on the white band.The
stars represent the members of the former Federal Republic of Central
America; which were Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and
In the times preceding the Spanish Conquest, Central America was
served as a bridge between the indigenous people of North and South
America.It was the meeting place for many different cultures.
Sometime in 1508, Vicente Yanez and Juan Diaz de Solis followed
Columbus to the New World.They had found Honduras, but after Columbus
did and they did not know he had already found and named it.They got there
and renamed it as'Cabo de Honduras' which means'Cape of the Deep
Waters'.But now it is simplified to only'Honduras'.
The Spanish empire set up a permanent residence in Honduras in 1524
when Hernan Cortes instructed Cristobal de Olid to claim Triunfo de la Cruz.
Other people followed and founded their own communties.It made
one of the greatest struggles for power the world has ever seen.The native
Indians rebelled against the Spanish colonization with an army of their own.
The army was unde…

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