Located in middle Central America, Honduras is a tropical country named after the depth of the water along the northern border of the Caribbean Sea (Lexis Nexis).Nicaragua to the South and Guatemala and El Salvador to the West border Honduras. The climate in Honduras varies depending upon the region. Along the coast the weather is hot and dry, yet, in the mountain ranges it stays cool the whole year round.Honduras is the third poorest country in the world.There are few corporations, universities, and land for the citizens to settle on in Honduras, causing many citizens to immigrate to other countries to find new opportunities.Due to the lack of employment, education, and land, Honduran citizens immigrate to the United States in order to find a better life.
Honduras is a very racially diverse country.Their backgrounds, housing, and economic patterns differ greatly than those of Americans.Ninety percent of the residence on the island are Mestizo or Ladinos while the other ten percent are poor groups known as the Garifuna and the blacks of the West Indies. The Garifuna and the blacks of the West Indies make up the problem of emigration in the states.
By the 1980's there was economic and political crisis in all of Central America and the number of emigrants shot up.In Honduras, at this time, there was a "national economic plan" (American Immigration Cultures 395).This plan took away much of the land from the common folk, and Honduras economy was so bad that there were no jobs to offer.This sparked the spike in emigration to the United States.At this time there was also a spike in the tuition for college and considering that there are only a few universities in the country.
Emigration to the U.S. started subtly.Much of the emigration is connected to the UFCo and the Stanford Fruit Company, which at one time monopolized all the banana trade. Because bananas or one of the main exports of Hon…

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