"Addiction Disorders and Homelessness" published by the National Coalition for the Homeless in April of 1999, talks about the controversial relationship between the homeless of America and alcohol and drug addiction.The article talks about how addictions are not the direct cause of homelessness in America, because the majority drug and alcohol addicts don't become homeless.However, the risk is obviously increased if the person is both poor and an addict.Most of the information gathered for this article was conducted through surveys and in depth research of the homeless population in United States cities.
A major thing that has led to the rapid increase of homelessness in the past two decades is the diminishing number of single-room-occupancy housing in the major cities.SRO housing had been the home to many poor individuals, including those suffering from addictions.It is estimated that from 1970 to the mid-80s over a million SRO units were eliminated in cities ranging from New York to Portland.These buildings were destroyed as results of abandonment, gentrification, demolition, and conversion.The article also states that many homeless people with addictive disorders long to overcome their disease, but the combination of what they have to deal with living on the streets and a service system that is not equipped to deal with their problems makes it nearly impossible.
This article goes on to talk about policy issues dealing with addiction disorders and the homeless.It says that most homeless people do not have health insurance or programs like Medicare.This means that it is hard for them to get medical attention that would help them deal with these addictions.In an estimate done by the National Association of State alcohol and Abuse Directorsthere appears to be a list of over a million people waiting to be treated nationwide.The article goes on to talk about other reasons for people not getting…

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