Holocaust Denial

Whoever wins the war write the books.This is a phrase, which by most, is casually regarded as true.However, there is one group of people that stringently believes that not only is this idea true, but to the point where it has assimilated conspiracies in order to develop sympathies for a race of people who have been historically outcast.Many books have been written about the "horrifying atrocities" that occurred in the concentration camps during World War II.It is said that an estimated six million Jews died at the hands of Adolph Hitler, in what is known as the Holocaust.Yet, despite all the literature out there, there are those who have come to be known as Holocaust deniers.Although they are not widely known, a mere blip on the radar screen, they have had quite an impact.So much so, that their ideals are illegal in Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Israel, and Switzerland.Although its origins are slightly obscure, thefirst influential denier or "revisionist" was writer Paul Rassinier, who, beginning in the 1960's, wrote at least 4 books about the subject.It wasn't until the 1970's that this movement his it's full strength, and in 1979 the Institute for Historical Review was founded, an organization solely dedicated to spreading the "truth" about the holocaust.The three pillars of Holocaust deniers are as follows: there were no gas chambers, the estimated number of six million murdered is a gross exaggeration of the truth, and that Hitler had no master plan.
According to the textbooks, during the middle of WWII the Nazis needed a cheaper and more effective way to exterminate the Jews.They built new crematoriums, which were a combination of gas chambers and ovens.These gas chambers posed as showers. After loading them to their full capacity they would surprise their victims by showering them not with water, but with a gas named Zyklon B.Z…

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