HIV, the virus that causes Aids is one of the most devastating diseases in today's world. It is not a matter of national, religion, race, or sexual orientation. It is rather a fact of someone being exposed to the virus. No one wants to get HIV but if one has unprotected sex or uses a dirty needle then this person might be at risk, these are not the only ways to get the virus, but they are the most common. One can have HIV for many years and not know that one has it because symptoms will not show up. Journalists are debating this issue, "should the government get involved and require everyone to be tested for the HIV virus.
The Aids virus is a disease that cannot be cured at this time. Although billions of dollars have been spent for research, still know cure has been found. The closest medicine that scientist have discovered, is a defensive agent that stops the virus from spreading quickly into the organic system. It costs a great deal of money, and only very few people from the society can afford it. At this point still, many people believe that virus is a curse from heaven.
There are many ways to catch the virus but one cannot catch it from touching or kissing. This virus is nothing like a cold or the flu, it is way more serous. This virus can and will kill you. One does not have to be at fault to catch the virus. If one is an unborn child and ones mother has this virus, there is a big possibility that one will be born with the virus. Million of people have this virus and they will soon die from it. The medicines only slow down the process it doesn't cure it.
It is ones concern, if they are having unprotected sex, to be responsible and get tested. No one should force anyone to do so. This would raise some serious complications, such as violation of the human right, and individualism. Whenever the government gives something as a requirement th00.ere is no other alternatives. It becomes a must. The government s…

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