history of psychology and overview of schools

Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes and hopes to decipher human behaviour and the complexity of people’s actions. In order to study behaviour and mental processes, psychologists are interested in things such as the way we think, what our responses are to certain situations, how humans interact with others. Psychology is a branch of philosophy that dates back to 322 BC, but psychology as a field of its own is only 100 years old. The word Psychology is of Greek origin with the term’psyche’ meaning mind or soul and ‘logus’ meaning study or teaching. Psychology is structured by the use of schools, these are a collection of psychologists who hold the same set of beliefs about how the mind should be considered.It is the intention of this composition to depict the behaviourist, cognitive and gestalt schools of psychology
One of the founders of psychology was Wilhelm Wundt(1879).Wundt set up thefirst experimental laboratory in Leipzig, Germany. He was a doctor who was interested in the links between psychology and physiology, his main interest in this field was the study of human consciousness, the mind. Wundt’s belief was that human consciousness could be studied by the observation of human experience, that consciousness could be reduced to the basic structure of sensations and feelings. Wundt studied this through introspection that is a technique of analysing conscious experience, introspection is very arbitrary and Wundt believed he had solved this problem by the use of trained individuals. Another originator of psychology was William James (1842-1910),James came from a wealthy Irish American family and like Wundt he was a doctor studying the link between psychology and physiology. Thefirst American laboratory was set up by James at Harvard University in 1879, he also founded the function!
alist school of thought.”Psychology is the Science of Mental Life, both of its phenomena and of their conditions…”(James…

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