Hispanic Americans

Problems and Promise

Since the United States started counting the population, African Americans have always been the most dominant minority. However, now Hispanics outnumber African Americans as the largest minority group, with 38.8 million of them now living in the USA, according to Census Bureau estimates. The figures, as of July 2003, show a 9.8% increase since the Census was taken in April 2000.
The U.S. population grew 2.5% to 288.4 million in the same period. Hispanics accounted for half of the national increase. Non-Hispanic blacks, including people who say they’re black and another race, grew at a much slower rate than Hispanics, up 3.1%, to 36.6 million. Hispanics make up 13% of the nation’s population. The main emigrating country for these new Hispanic Americans is Mexico, the table below shows:-
Mexico 29.8%
Cuba 2.8%
El Salvador 2.7%
Dominican Republic 2.0%
Haiti 1.8%
Colombia 1.7%
Guatemala 1.3%
Ecuador 1.1%
Honduras 0.9%
TOTAL 0.441
According to Steven Camarota, a member of the Centre for Studies of Immigration, the majority of the immigrants are in the sector of the services: manual operators, manufacturers and workers. Nevertheless, many operate companies in more complex sectors and work in technical management, marketing research, and agriculture.
Camarota said that at the moment 32.4 million people born in other countries now reside in the United States. That 32.4 million make up 14.3% of the labour force of the nation. One in three immigrants is Mexican, with a total of 9.6 million, according to this study. Camarota's study also found that the Mexicans are also in thefirst place as far as the number of people in poverty, with 2.3 million, or 24.4%
As the new largest minority, the Hispanic population are going to face problems but also have opportunities available to them, opportunities that other minorities didn't have during the times of their population explosions. They're also go…

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