The Hippopotamuses is a very powerful, caring, and strange animal. The hippo is an animal that has many uquine features and diets. They may only live in one place but they make the best out of it. They love their young and protect it to. They will adapt to almost anything. Hippos respect each other and have territories.
The hippos look is like no other animals in the world. Thefirst of the major visible things about it is its teeth. They are huge, sharp, and long. They are made out of ivory a hair like substance. The hippo is an enormous, amphibious creature. They weigh up to 2500 to 3000 (Dolon). Their skin is a slate brown color to muddy brown, with purplish spots. An odd feature the hippo has is its eyes, ears, and nostrils on the top of the head. In fact its head weighs about on third of its body weight, the neck is weighs more than the head (Brust 5).The hippo is the third largest land animal is the world (Brust 1). The hippo is 12 to 5 feet long and 5 feet t all and can open its mouth about 3 feet, the tail measures up to 21 and 24 inches long too (Dolon).
Africa is home to many rare and unique animals including elephants, rhinos and hippos. Hippos like to live in Central Africa where there is lots of rivers and abundant plant life. Large populations of hippo occur in the Nile River Valley of east Africa (Sheffer). They like deep water to they can swim, rest, and predators cant get to them. One prime thing hippos look for are adjacent to riverbeds, are reed bedding. They like the warm temperature of the sub-Saharan Africa, which make it hippos paradise. If a hippo going to live anywhere they usually want to live in streams near grass lands. Hippos live in herds of 5 to 30 (Dolon).
The Hippo is a huge vegetarian, eating many thins in its path. They eat fruit, grass, leaves, and vegetables. Their main diet during the day is they sleep and wallow around eating water plants. At night they eat their main diet and go back …

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