The story of Jekyll and Hyde explores the concept of both good and evil existing at the
same time in the human being. Although both are present, one of the two usually prevails.
Like Robert L. Stevenson’s novel, Macbeth explores this concept as well. Although good
and evil exist in Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, we see the two at different times. When
Lady Macbeth pushed Macbeth to murder Duncan, her “evil” side was conquering his
“good” side. In this way, “evil” prevailed over “good.” Throughout the play, we see
Macbeth and his wife in a constant struggle between the “good” and “evil” within
In the conclusion of Macbeth, the final battle between Macbeth and Macduff is
encountered, where in conclusion goodness prevails o’er evil. Macduff holds Macbeth’s
head, in a final declaration of success, whereby the evils are punished, and the good are
rewarded. This signifies the final power shift of the play, in the event that goodness finally
Finally, this play teaches some quite important moral values: that one should never let
power influence rational decisions; that honesty eventually prevails; that ambition can be
extremely dangerous; and that ultimately, good always overcomes evil.
Darkness prevails until the final painting of light morning skies over the hills
I find this story striking, powerful and terrible. In this tragedy, prevails a climate of a cursed
fatality. There is a deep feeling of mystery. We feel an atmosphere of fear all along “Macbeth”.
And Macbeth is such an interesting character ! In fact, it’s an infernal charm who will take him in
a trap and this victorious and ambitious warrior will succumb to temptation. All along this tale, we
experience the presence of the three witches of the night.
I think Macbeth’s crime wasn’t very necessary

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