Anyone can get Herpes including males and females.It is usually contracted through sexual contact.
New data collected from over 20 countries confirms that Herpes is one of the most widespread sexually transmitted infections worldwide. Approximately 1 in 4 adults is infected with the herpes simplex virus.There are an estimated one million new cases of herpes each year.
When infected people come into sexual contact with another person, the herpes virus is spread.The virus sheds in small but contagious amounts of the nerve root without showing any outward signs that the nerve root is infected, this causes for widespread herpes.
Herpes is very adept at avoiding the immune system, which is why it easily infects people.
Usually develops between 2 to 20 days after contact.Could continue up to 2 weeks.It may be so mild that it goes unnoticed.May talk longer or be less severe in some people, especially in those with partial immunity to the virus.First attack sometimes causes visible sores.Infected area is usually painful and itchy, burning and tingly, during outbreaks.Other symptoms are:
Herpes vaccines are expected in 3-5 years.There is no cure.Some drugs such as Valtrex and Acyclovir are proven to be effective in reducing frequency and duration of outbreaks.During outbreaks it is best to keep the infected area as clean and as dry as possible.You should also see a doctor.
Yes almost anyone can catch the Herpes virus through sexual or any other contact that involves the transfer of bodily fluids.
Herpes affects many people.About 1 in 4 adults are infected with Herpes, wh

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