The sale and distribution of heroin in the United States has been growing tremendously in the past decade.I always knew that colombia was known for its fierce cocaine and heroin reputation and that the United States main provider of these drugs was colombia.After reading this article i found out that 48% of other heroin comes from Southeast asia, southwest asia and mexico. The most pure and genuine heroin comes from Colombia.
This is a very scary issue in the United States these druglords and drug traffickers are rotting our streets and our youths lives. I think that the Unites States government should uphold a more precise way of capturing these druglords and traffickers. Crossing borders should become a more inconvient process, checking in at customs at internatinal airports should strengthen their security checks. Every single airport should know where an airplane is coming from, whther its a private jet or commercial, the majority of heroin and cocaine are transported through air.
I think that possesion of either drug shold have a more severe punishment. By strengething our security and making our drug laws and punishments more severe I think that in about 10 years drug sales and trafficking will reduce to about 50%. Another issue that people talk about and government is even considering is to make these drugs legal. By doing this it puts the druglords out of business and less people would go to jail. There are pros and cons for either situation. American society should know what their doing. By making their lives more miserable they are making these druglords even richer. This is their view on American society, a weak country whos streets are rottening and economy going out of wack trying to figure out whos doing this to their people….

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