herbicideTolerant Crops

Crop management is a vigorous activity that changes as technologies are developed. Now that were in the new millennium, we are finding new and enhanced ways to improve things that effect us in our everyday lives like, industrial pollution, car pollution, waste management, and also the advancement in herbicide-tolerant crops.Much advancement have been taking place to make our crops better and safer to eat without damaging crops from herbicides, a chemical that destroys grass and weeds.This technology has opened a door in the genetic planting of crops all over the U.S.Companies are creating new ways to grow crops without the weeds that seem to be carrying chemicals that are affecting crops like, corn, potatoes, and soybeans.There is controversy with genetically altered foods due to the low percentage of facts and a lot of risks that go along with this process of this engineering.
Over the past five years scientists have been trying to genetically modify foods, and crops by removing and adding certain genes.This process gives them a greater shelf life and keeps the vegetables from bruising when in transit, according to GM’s proposal on the Internet.They also inform that the crops are less likely to loose their color and more importantly, retain more of their nutrients.In my opinion this gives the consumer a better product and reduces the amount of waste for the producers and retailers.Another benefit mentioned was that it is good for the consumers who need proteins, which are vital for their diets.GM states, “Proteins vital to our diets can be added to foods which don’t ordinarily contain them, which is important for people lacking them.”
This advancement seems to have others interested as well, even doctors.Experimenting with DNA, genes, and cells helps research human DNA and ultimately, the cures for disease.In Texas, scientists have found a ch

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