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The history of herbs date back thousands of years to the times of when doctors didn't have many tools of medicine to cure the ill with.They would use plants, berries, roots, and event the barks of some trees to cure an ailment.In those times there wasn't much background research on herbal remedies and so sometimes a cure from a doctor could increase the sickness or even be fatal.Europe and the Mediterranean have been using herbs to cure and help for 4000 years and there are even some herbal healings mentioned in the Bible.Herb use to mean all non-woody plants but today it is referred as to any part of any plant such as the fruit, bark, flower, leaf, or root.
There are myriad herbal systems such as European and Native American just to name a couple.Since there are so many systems there are also different ways of classifying herbs.Mostly all the systems have one thing in common and that is all of them treat the body as a whole and they each use the "power" of the plants to each individual as a whole.Each system is different and categorize herbs and plants differently.But whichever system you choose to go with the results will just about be the same.
Herbs have different "powers" that can heal and help people.Herbs are safe to take and there are little cases of overdose.Herbs can cure lots of sicknesses and also protect the body by getting rid of problem inside.
Herbal remedies are ones that claim they can cure a sickness or help in some way.Ginseng is a Chinese herb that has been used fro 7000 years.With that much background and history there must be something good about it.In an article from it says that ginseng "normalizes physical functioning depending on what the individual needs…" So if a person has high blood pressure then the ginseng will lower it and if a person has low blood pressure the ginseng will increase it.There…

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