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Through out history there have been countless diseases, viruses and infections that have affected man's well being.Innumerable cases of people's health being threatened and the possibility of their lives being put at risk.There have also been many documented occasions where individuals decide to do something when these types of situations occur.This individuals study and do as much research as they can on the problem, struggling to develop treatments and cures for these newly discovered viruses or diseases.But this process may not necessarily be a short one.Finding a cure can be very long and strenuous; taking months, years or even decades to find it's treatment.But sometimes when a treatment is developed the disease or virus may mutate and a new treatment must be developed.To this day three of the most widely held diseases are Tuberculosis, S.A.R.S., and Lyme Disease.In the upcoming paragraphs, we shall take a closer look on what this diseases are, how they are caused, treatment and prevention.
Tuberculosis is a serious respiratory disease that can be life threatening if not treated correctly.It is the world's most common disease caused by an infectious organism.Approximately two billion people in the world have been diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) every year, a disease that is also responsible for the deaths of nearly three million people annually.Mycobacterium tuberculosis (the bacteria which causes TB), can be spread from one person to another very easily.Using microscopic drops of fluid produced by the lungs, the bacteria can travel from the lungs of an infected person and be deposited in the lungs of someone nearby. Once inside the lungs, the bacteria establishes the infection. Even though 150,000 people in the United States have been infected with this bacteria, most people (between 90% and 95%) have immune systems
that are healthy enough to prevent the bacteria from ever causi…

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