As billions of trees are cut down each year for paper, pesticides, cotton and non-biodegradable plastics which fill landfill sites, our earth is being destroyed and is not being replenished with new resources. We look for answers to solve our problems yet we have seemingly come up with very few. Perhaps we have overlooked the usefulness of the Hemp plant and its ability to solve many of these problems.Hemp can be used for the widest variety of industrial, environmental and energy products which we use on a daily basis.Due to influential industries such as the timber industries, there is great misunderstanding among humans to the benefits of this plant so as to allow successful markets to continue on with their destruction of the environment. This misunderstanding has turned many humans away negatively, without even comprehending how very useful and beneficial this plant is to the future of our earth.
The seeds of the Hemp plant provide various food products.The seeds of a hemp plant contain more fatty acids than that of a soybean.They also contain high levels of protein, vitamin B, as well as thirty five percent dietary fibers. The Hemp plant leads one to think about the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level, as it is due to its relation with the marijuana plant, thus the basis of its unpopularity.The marijuana plant comes from the same plant genus as broccoli and cauliflower. The seeds and the stalk in a hemp plant do not contain any THC levels, making them perfectly acceptable to use without the common negative views from society. The seeds produced are nutritious and should be considered.
One acre of Hemp produces the amount of pulp approximately four acres of timber creates, while still making a high quality paper. No bleaching is necessary in the process of making hemp paper due to its already creamy colour, thus vastly reducing the amount of toxic chemicals used with wood which are highly damaging

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