Bobby Bleed Salot inherited hemophilia from his parents.He was passed down a mutated gene in the chromosome. Hemophilia mostly occurs in males because the male only has one X chromosome, so he doesn’t have another to block out the disease.Females, on the other hand, have two X-chromosomes so if one X is diseased, the other can block it out, but they are still carriers.
Bobby has a deficiency of clotting factor in his blood so any mild injuries could cause uncontrollable bleeding.It could also trigger acute internal hemorrhaging.In Bobby’s case bleeding can start for no apparent reason, which can spread to his joints and tissues. His own blood literally cripples Bobby.The most common type of Hemophilia is type A, which is what Bobby has.It is caused by a lack of factor VIII, a critical blood protein.
Bobby’s life has gotten better though because he now receives treatment.This treatment is very expensive.Since Bobby and people with hemophilia have a normal life span, they have to bear the costs for a lifetime.The treatment is simple; Bobby gets injections of the clotting factor missing from his blood.He carries a supply thus injects himself.
Bobby is now 22 years old and manages his life well. He spends most of his time at home because doing some activities can injure him.He goes to work, to dinner and such, but can’t go to concerts and busy clubs like most people his age.


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