Businesses today are faced with the great task of trying to gain as much profit as they can.A lot of times businesses hurt employees or the communities around them by trying to make too much money.Businesses take the idea of making a profit too far.But how far would they go to make a profit?I feel that businesses should not be allowed to fire the employees when the business is making a huge profit.That shows the company is using its employees.Businesses need to learn that making money is not everything.I think that businesses should work hard to make a good amount of money, but more importantly they should try and keep the community healthy by being fair to their employees.
From the video that we watched during class, it showed that communities are hurt by businesses that use local employees to get profit early, and then they drop them once they have made a profit.These people are left with nothing once they have lost their jobs.Businesses are becoming very selfish and hurting not only the employees' futures, but also the families of the employees.In all the cities Mr. Moore went to, he could find a case of where employees were laid off by their companies.The only reason the employees were laid off was because the businesses wanted to move somewhere they could get cheaper help.If the companies had been fair, the local employees and their families would've been a lot better off.

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