Hegemons in Africa

During the Cold War, most African states have been perceived as potential leaders due to strategic support by the West and East. With the end of proxy wars in Africa most states have been left on their own for survival, hence in order for them to be potential leaders in African politics they should have certain characteristics that would enable them to adapt to the changing environment in which the international political system has changed impacting on African politics.
The aim of this paper is to discuss core states in Africa that have economic, political and military power to influence other African states in pursuit of vial political, economic and security issues that are directed at restoring peace, security and development in the African continent, Baregu and Landsberg (2003) . Secondly, the paper will highlight strategies that have been formulated by leaders of the core states in order to counteract negative outcomes that may arise in pursuit of consensus towards initiatives that could promote Pan-Africanism in Africa in the post-Cold War era. Lastly, the paper will provide a conclusion about the effectiveness of the core states in Africa in realising their core objectives and goals.
In general, a core state is seen as backbone and a driving force behind initiatives that would produce gains and in which those who are engaged and motivated in attaining the gains cooperate and give recognition the drivers of the initiative. In political terms, various scholars have termed core states as hegemonies. Although hegemony is associated with use of coercive power and domination with territorial control, Baregu and Landsberg (2003 :173) explains hegemony along the lines of a state having the ability to wield power in non-coercive ways with the consent of other states. Moreover, the core states should have the ability to pay military and economic costs when exercising hegemony.
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