Heart Disease

Heart disease is an abnormal condition of the heart and the heart circulation. It is also known as cardiovascular disease which is our nation's number one killer. The coronary arteries supply the heart with oxygen-rich blood. When the arteries narrow, less blood and oxygen flow to the heart. This is called coronary artery disease. Lack of oxygen to the heart can cause angina or a heart attack. Most cases of coronary artery disease are due to atherosclerosis… which is the hardening of the arteries in which fatty deposits build up inside the coronary arteries, restricting blood flow.
Heart disease is the most common, and most preventable heart disease of allcoronary artery diseases. One of the most common symptoms is chest pain. When your heart muscle's not getting enough oxygen, it sends out a painful warning signal called angina pectoris and because your heart needs oxygen the most when it is working the hardest, angina is most likely to occur during when you're exercising. If the heart muscle is lacking oxygen for long enough, it will die – resulting in a heart attack… or myocardial infarction which means "heart muscle tissue death". Preventing this disease should be a # 1 priority.
The prevention of heart disease should begin at childhood and continue throughout your life, but it is never too late to start because people of all ages can benefit from diet, exercise, smoking cessation, and stress control to prevent heart disease. You should try to control the risk factors, such as cholesterol, high blood-pressure, stress control, smoking habits, lack of exercise, and dietary problems. There is no one way, to control these factors, but common sense and modern medicine tells us how to. Just stop smoking, eat foods lower in cholesterol, lower your blood pressure with a healthy diet and a lower salt intake and use daily exercise routines to help prevent disease. It's also reco

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