Tendonitis is when the normal gliding motion of the tendons becomes impaired, and the tendons then become inflamed and movement is very painful.The most common cause of tendonitis is overuse.People who begin an exercise program, or push themselves too hard during exercise, often overwork their tendons that are unaccustomed to that new amount of work.Another common cause of tendonitis is just old-age.As people grow older, the tendons loose elasticity and ability to glide as smoothly as they used to.Rarely, there is an anatomical cause for tendonitis, which is when the tendon does not have a smooth path to glide along which makes it more likely for it to become irritated.Athletes, usually who are over forty years of age, and elderly people experience tendonitis.
Tendons attach our muscles to our bones, which enables us to walk, jump, skip, and sit.Tendons can be very small, such as the ones in the fingers, or they can be large such as the Achilles tendon the heel.The most common tendons that are affected by tendonitis are the tendons in the wrist.For treatment, the patient could wrap the wrist in a split, or cast, which could decrease the inflammation.There are also anti-inflammatory medications the patient could take that control the pain, and help decrease the swelling.A more powerful treatment then that, however, is cortisone injection. Cortisone injections are infected right into the inflammation, but may weaken the tendons over time.If all the other treatments have failed, surgery is the last step.During surgery, the doctors remove inflammatory tissue to create more space for the tendon to move properly.The patient should enroll in physical therapy and get enough rest.Once the tendonitis is cured, it usually does not come back, but patients are at higher risk for returned symptoms, and with proper exercise and activity this could be avoided.

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