Hazardous Computers

Most consumers are unaware of the medical and
environmental hazards in the products they rely on for word
processing,access to the internet,and interactive games.Rapid
innovation in computer hardware is cutting the useful life of
modern computers and creating a national waste problem that is
harmful to both the economy and people's health.
Billions of people today own or have access to a computer
but have no idea how much of an effect it has on their health.
Computer equipment is assembled with more than one thousand
materials,many of which are highly toxic.Semiconductors,
printed circuit boards,disk drives, and monitors are just a few of
the parts that are made with hazardous chemicals.Even today,
workers who are involved in chip manufacturing are beginning to
come forward and report cancer clusters;at the same time,
computer recyclers have been shown to have high levels of
dangerous chemicals in their blood.
Computers are affecting not only adults today,but also the
younger generation.Children all over are making use of computers
for research and homework,and in some schools,children are
required to have access to a computer at all times.The children
are joining adults when it comes to pain caused by computers.
And children have been reported to have pain in the back,neck,
shoulders,and wrists that is often related to poor habits.Also,
the most common complaint is vision problems that have been
reported with the use of computers.Children and adults have
reported having headaches;tired and aching eyes;burning,
itching or watering eyes;blurred vision;increased sensitivity to
light;and temporary nearsightedness because of the long hours
they spend using a computer. As you can see,a computer affects a
user's health a great deal;even though some injuries may seem
Last but not least, computers have had a great i…

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