Has the US Government Taken the Best Possible Resolution Aga

September the 11th was the day when emotions ran wild. One year on and the US government now plots its war against terrorism. The question we should ask ourselves however is “has the US government taken the best possible resolution against terrorism?” There can be only one answer, no. The US government has used a cruel aggression against terrorism, which hasn’t accomplished its goal, but rather caused more terror in human actions. Hundreds of Innocent Afghans have been bombed due to errors made by the US air force. The attacks on Afghanistan are triggering a future attack on the US or countries rather than stopping it. Terrorism has not been defeated, it still lies behind our backs waiting for the perfect moment to attack.
Innocent Afghans are caught in the crossfire between “peace” and “terror”, however it seems like the “peace” has sided with “terror”. Bombing Afghanistan makes us look like we are real terrorist. The fact that these killings are occurring tells us only one thing, we are hypocrites. However, it is not our fault that these ;ignorant; people from the US government believe it is of the best interest for the world to fight against terrorism with extreme force. In an incident with a village wedding party was ;accidentally; which proves the dangers and vulnerability of the civilians. 2There were 40 fatalities and 100 others injured from that one incident, however this was just one of the many incidents. These facts shows us that the US government isn;t just attacking the terrorist who were responsible for September 11th.However, the striking fact is that the US governments remains unconvinced that they are responsible for the lives in Afghan as it has been quoted 1 ;they (the US government) have been reluctant to confirm that air strikes were responsible for the casualties;. The US air force claims that the Afghans were attacking the air fighters and that the air force had no choice bu…

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