Has Prime Minister Thaksin been good for Thailand's informat

This report aims to show how good of Prime Minister Thaksin for Thailand's information technology. Thaksin Shinawatra is a leader of Thai Rak Thai party. The Thai Rak Thai party's information technology policy sets out seven key elements to be developed with a commitment to reshaping the country into an "electronic society". Thefirst element is to develop basic infrastructure to boost the use of IT in the country as a whole. The government controled by Thaksin plans to stimulate the development of networking infrastructure such as fibre-optic cable, broadband communication and the Internet to facilitate widespread use among the population, giving them equal access to new technology and the Internet. The data from this analysis are based on government budgets on computer equipment. It requires future government budgets.
The figure above shows the amount of government budgets on computer equipment over the last seven years. There was a significant increase in 2001, thefirst year of Prime Minister Thaksin's government. The government planed to provide the budget to support the government officer and non government officer to buy the computer in special prices that are cheaper than regular prices. However, the budget in the period before Thaksin's government and during Thaksin's government was dramatrically different. In 2000, the budget was 1,725 million baht and increased to 3,300, 4180 and 3,909 million baht in 2001, 2002 and 2003 respectively. Finally they decreased to 2,361 million baht in the last year. The budget in 2000 is lower than the buget in 2001.
It appears that Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has supported information technology significantly and Thailand is becoming to be the part of the information age. In my opinion, since the government planed to provide the budget, many technologies would develop in 2002 probably caused by the peak of the budget.

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