Hardware and Software: The unseen relationship

First, before I begin I think that fist I must distinguish between the two components of a computer.Hardware is the actual physical component of the computer that you can see and touch it mostly consists of the CPU, input devices such as a keyboard, mouse, scanner, and digital camera also output devices such as a monitor or printer. Whereassoftware is the component of the computer that is much more harder to see and touch, software consists of things like the operating system which allows for the computer to do the things necessary for it to run properly.These are the differences between software and hardware components of a computer.
The relationship between the two begins with the hardware in that the hardware cannot function on its own with out some type of instruction or code of conduct for it to act on. The reason for this is that like people machines have their own language upon which they speak and that’s where the software comes in software like Microsoft’s Windows, which comes into the software category of an operating system is what helps aid the computer in understanding what it is supposed to do whenever the user asks for the computer to do something. Software in a since acts as an interpreter to the computer. the reason for this is because in machine language everything is either 1’s or 0’s and as humans it is quite hard for us to decipher a language as difficult as that, so what we did was start our own way of talking to the computer which has resulted in a transition over the years several different computer languages from Machine to BASIC to Assembly to the language, which we are now us!
ing which not only, is more based on everyday human speech but also is much more portable than those of the past.For without any software guiding the computer everyone would have to be a programmer and would have to take a large amount of time for them to get the computer to do just one thing at a time this would…

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