Hamlets Sanity Essay Research Paper Hamlet s

Hamlets Sanity Essay, Research Paper

Hamlet s Sanity

In the second act of Hamlet , it is evedent that Hamlet is not the norm . It comes down to the question of either Hamlet is faking his insanity or he has truly lost his mind. Polonius made the ussumption that Hamlet has gone mad with love, a theory inwich holds it s own from a outside point of view.Through further investigation in which Claudius and Polonius spy on Hamlet by using Ophelia as bate . Hamlet sences the odd behavior of Ophelia and plays along to further solidify there notion or source of Hamlets madness , love. In terms of Hamlets madness it verys from true madness and a cover for his plans to seek revenge . Evidence that Hamlet is truly mad is the fact that his father has just been killed his mother to re marry and the visitation by the ghost. In William Shakesper s work of Hamlet it is evedent that hamlet is truly partly insane.

Once Hamlet incounters the ghost he is automatically altered , his fate has been detemined to seek revenge of his fathers death. The love ones in his life defiantly see an altered stat for example when Ophelia describes Hamlet to Polonius pale ans his shirt , knees knoking eachother (I,ii,) this is a prime example of Hamlets shock and state of mind ater the interaction with the supernatural. Even people who not no Hamlet well suspect madness . when Polonius says I have found the very case of Hamlets lunancy (II,ii, ) Hamlet shows his altered state to Polonius when he accuses him a fishmonger (pimp)of his own daughter.

In the scene when Hamlet is being spyed on by Polonius and Caludius he says a numerous of contradictions for example when he says I did love you once (II,I,45 ) then five lines down he says I love you not (II,I, 95) this shows the tangled emotions and frustration Hamlet is bearing on his shoulder. The frustration in which he dose not know if he Love s Opelia .

In conclustion it is evedet that Hamlet is truly partly insane.

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