Hamlet Essay Research Paper Throughout our lives

Hamlet Essay, Research Paper

Throughout our lives we have to deal with the changing emotions within us. Our emotions can sometimes be as unpredictable as the weather and yet we’ve all found uses for the phrase “I’m having a bad week.” More over, while life can be a roller coaster ride, it can seem at times that we have a string of fortunate or unfortunate luck. These shifting highs and lows that we experience are a mild form of melancholy. While Hamlet’s melancholy in the play is much more pronounced then that which most of us experience, it’s still effects us the same way as it does him. It’s usual to have weeks where everything seems to go wrong and your temperament changes from what could have been a lighted hearted, fun mood, to a dark, unpleasant mood. It can even seem at times that you’re about to go crazy, if one more bad thing happens to you. This situation resembles that of Hamlet.

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